Monday, February 16, 2015

#5: Bricks

We've written about something abstract (love). Now let's write about something concrete (bricks).

Throw Bricks on Me - Hazel Grace
Concrete - Suzy E.
Bricks I Stole - Jackie O
7 Games You Can Play With a Brick - Hyberbole and a Half 

Two posts due Sunday, 2/22 @ 11:59pm. 

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  1. This prompt is the reason I'm in cw2 right now so.

    Tell all those kids that this one is really important. And that they're rad and mega creative.

    Also tell jack i said hi.

    And everyone else too I guess. Hi.

    Sorry. I just feel like no one ever comments on these and I know you want people to so yeah.

    You da real mvp nelson. Word.