Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#2: Crayons

"Everyone is born creative; everyone is
given a box of crayons in kindergarten."

Write about crayons. Or your childhood. Or being creative. Or being free to color/draw/paint/sing/write/whatever. Write about your true colors. Write about being young and wild and free. Or just include one line about crayon. Do whatever you want and leave me alone already.

I'd like my crayons back, please.
Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity
Kid President's pep talk

Dick Tidrow: scientists, sting rays, and idiots
Harold Miner: bereft
pleasefindmehere: The Spiderman is Having Us for Dinner Tonight
Terence Mckenna: Crayons
Harold Miner: Imagine
amethyst wine: old
Celeste Cobain: Let's Play Pretend

Two blog posts due Sunday, 2/1 @ 11:59pm
-one about crayons
-one about whatever you want

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  1. Ben Perry's crayons post still gets me. Man he's so cool.

  2. It is probably too early to say this, but this may be one of my favorite prompts. Or maybe the whole class is like this, and I just don't know what's in store.

    1. It only gets worse from here.

    2. Tbh aside from the newly christened "retro day", I think pond day might have been my favorite.